You were flying high and you will,

Take me or I may not heal,

I was wandering through the beach,

Looking to a poisonous leach,

As it was crawling over the creepy beach,

That may bite a sitting bitch,

She may  mourn over the pain,

But I still had stopped the leech ,

Over the time I wondered the consequence,

It had already pierced through my skin,

And I was still unknown;

The hot air flew to  the beach,

People were peeled till  they bow,

And yet I am still unknown of my trim,

looking still high at the sky,

The plane flew above my head,

Until   it was not under the field of vision,

Into the grey cloud of wisdom,

Still  the beach  was full of boredom,

And I was one of the them,

Still hoping to restore ,the broken trust,

which can never be anymore,

But a hope of joy  from a child's cry ,

To a mothers love,

And a cheaters lie,

Always be as same as the value of pi;

I may not worry about all those,

To overcome the pain I left behind,

Which is now a deadly fire,

over the mind of anyone who is near,

BEACH was a total liar,

And I may not fly together,

Still ,I may not heal,

As the skins began to peel,

For the leech it was a fatty  meal,

Thinking now the beach  as a  friendly fire;

Came the friend I was in a desire,

She flew over the liar , 

And I became the friend of fire.