Heard about you last night,

With the pictures in your hand,

Beside the knife, battled.

Wave those arms and wait for the end,

As it falls for anything,

Feeling free and waking up,

To heal the wounds,

Much more than that, you survived,

Striking the shooting star,

every time you tried to shadow yourself,

Into the light of ambush,

Stretched out with cities of the future,

Going up with 100 memories,

Falling back with counting backwards,

Towards the negative infinity,

Seeking out every noise,

Into the desolation,

Twisted drama to integrate,

You left away making everyone higher. 



I looked at her ,she smiled!
Is that she tried to respond,
Or I was overwhelmed by her smile.

The berth next to me or my hand with a chocolate,∴
Every time I touch it, she smiled!
With all her heart out, what I felt .

I don’t know her name or even the village,
She tries her best to look at me and smile,
The best place to celebrate is always inside you,
I knew it from the inception of my heart beat,

This seems creepy and you will get to know about me,
How I make myself,
Locking the infinite sky, and saving myself from the burning sun,

Because just before the shadows fall ,
I trip myself to the serenity,
As this all are breathing in the hour of mankind,
Give me a reason to be by your side ,
To give  out of my best emotions on you,
So we can trip together towards serenity.

                     –ANISH THAKURTA