Under the same roof of vengeance,

They stood in an exile,

Less important than to impress,

Scars of ignoring are now faded.


Again, from exile and fading scars,

Words are always unspoken,

Truth and justice for some reason,

Needs to get tangled.


Everything was senile,

Unless we treated each other unparalleled,

We knew this won’t be working,

As parallels never meet.


Then what?

Togetherness is a myth?

Hypocrisy for all feelings was true?

But now all needs to conceal,

And end up filling things just to chase for the moon,


Just to start-up again, be beyond the graves,

Let it be generous and talk turkey,

Believes of authority and compromises, we created

Are now shadowed!

All you needed from me was a mealy-mouthed.



 That was all you would know,

With the passing of your life,

On a hyper-lapse of memory,

It’s obscurity till you occupy it,

To erase the time of innocence.

From winter to fall,

Till crunching of Brown leaves,

On a ground full of yellow wood.

Other’s being senile of insanity,

You are there with that voice,

For preoccuping the incoherent darkness.



What are you afraid of?

The man with a broom sweeping the corridor?

Or the guy with a black bag on his one-sided shoulder?

Or even the lady near the corner straight?


What are you afraid of?

To swipe down all the memories in one scroll!

Or the dummies you played during your childhood!

Or the money you plunk down through the broker!



What are you afraid of?

To lean down the terrace railing?

Or the stairs which round-off at the end?

Or the ending of a suspense movie?


Contentment is the seventh heaven!

Depression too come along the way:

Of prosperity, holding hands in desolation;

Craving for the fear of losing!

So why not to get afraid of all this?


If ever this are the reasons to go?

Cause we don’t get to do the stupid shits others do,

Let not the fear win over you?

They just get outflanked in a single go?

SO, what are you afraid of now?