Perfect Moment
You were amazing,I had the time of my life with you ∏

Tremors and remorse all that was witnessed,

Some had a bulk or had a sullen face,

                                             With great divide and green grass,

Stairs and escalators with indistinct nightmares;

Some didn’t climb but some were ardent,

With the bicycle running down the ramp,

There’s no break of their heart,

It pumped and bumped making no noise,

Some didn’t hear or some did felt it;


That was all I witnessed with a girl next to me,

She felt the same to accompany me,

Inside the same cabin of death,

we drilled our self to hear the schizophrenic sound,

Of indistinct vitality air from the notes of the last chapter.



 That was all you would know,

With the passing of your life,

On a hyper-lapse of memory,

It’s obscurity till you occupy it,

To erase the time of innocence.

From winter to fall,

Till crunching of Brown leaves,

On a ground full of yellow wood.

Other’s being senile of insanity,

You are there with that voice,

For preoccuping the incoherent darkness.


I looked at her ,she smiled!
Is that she tried to respond,
Or I was overwhelmed by her smile.

The berth next to me or my hand with a chocolate,∴
Every time I touch it, she smiled!
With all her heart out, what I felt .

I don’t know her name or even the village,
She tries her best to look at me and smile,
The best place to celebrate is always inside you,
I knew it from the inception of my heart beat,

This seems creepy and you will get to know about me,
How I make myself,
Locking the infinite sky, and saving myself from the burning sun,

Because just before the shadows fall ,
I trip myself to the serenity,
As this all are breathing in the hour of mankind,
Give me a reason to be by your side ,
To give  out of my best emotions on you,
So we can trip together towards serenity.

                     –ANISH THAKURTA



What are you afraid of?

The man with a broom sweeping the corridor?

Or the guy with a black bag on his one-sided shoulder?

Or even the lady near the corner straight?


What are you afraid of?

To swipe down all the memories in one scroll!

Or the dummies you played during your childhood!

Or the money you plunk down through the broker!



What are you afraid of?

To lean down the terrace railing?

Or the stairs which round-off at the end?

Or the ending of a suspense movie?


Contentment is the seventh heaven!

Depression too come along the way:

Of prosperity, holding hands in desolation;

Craving for the fear of losing!

So why not to get afraid of all this?


If ever this are the reasons to go?

Cause we don’t get to do the stupid shits others do,

Let not the fear win over you?

They just get outflanked in a single go?

SO, what are you afraid of now?


If and only there were reasons to destroy the promises,

I would not heal back for any comfort ,

There have been consequences for regret ,and now I am here.

If your feelings  are so concentrated ,how can you dilute the love towards me,


between those symphony, the diaries wrote many words that seemed crippled,

Against the feelings of compassion and dignity,

True memories never die ,someone said perfectly,

And revenge is the best emotion a person can have,


Through all the days we got perfect but something needs to fix up,

Something was missing and something was more,


Black clouds and nights dream that one needs ,

But I was waiting for the nightmares,

So could resize all the memories need to move on,


They have been taking too much ,

All there lives and so what they need to go for that,

If ever if is necessary to make all yours,

And leave all rest behind oblivion,


Oblivion’s curse is great enough to be respected,

So that she could not remembers all the feelings she had for me,

Be patient,

Be fragile ,

Towards any materialistic thing of this world ,

They are one way lane ,only a single can move ,


This all lines may be creepy to hear,

But the soul inside me has always needed someone to support,

As your feelings are so concentrated ,that’s the last reason ,

How can you love me with your heart-felt out..?


                                                 ~ANISH THAKURTA


You were  the one who was   still standing  there ;

With my eyes gazed wide open through the horizon;

I still can see you through my window wide open;

Until you decide to disappear from my vision;

My heart didn’t wanted it to happen ;

Through all the circumstances you go ;

With my hands still holding that last cup of coffee;

I knew my kindness will get destroyed ;

Without living with your comfort;

Know I still  talk about you without your knowing;

That you get to know from the red cabin,

Telephone red;

Your friends are too anxious about you;

Still you don’t give a hard glance on me;

This would be the better gauze for all this;

Your blue eyes make me tempted against myself;

I didn’t wanted to write all this;

But wanted all my enthusiasm against to kill a honey bee

Who still wants to drink the old pine juice;

And the strangers waiting down with their jar empty;

Singing the old karaoke with Irish  theme  song ;

It makes them late for the work ;

The sun tearing through the wild clouds of desolation;

And I don’t wanna ask them to stay and give me satisfaction;

As I would be too selfish to make a call from the red telephone;

She would be waiting for my call and I would busy collecting syrup,

Falling from the height to a wolves cry!





You were flying high and you will,

Take me or I may not heal,

I was wandering through the beach,

Looking to a poisonous leach,

As it was crawling over the creepy beach,

That may bite a sitting bitch,

She may  mourn over the pain,

But I still had stopped the leech ,

Over the time I wondered the consequence,

It had already pierced through my skin,

And I was still unknown;

The hot air flew to  the beach,

People were peeled till  they bow,

And yet I am still unknown of my trim,

looking still high at the sky,

The plane flew above my head,

Until   it was not under the field of vision,

Into the grey cloud of wisdom,

Still  the beach  was full of boredom,

And I was one of the them,

Still hoping to restore ,the broken trust,

which can never be anymore,

But a hope of joy  from a child's cry ,

To a mothers love,

And a cheaters lie,

Always be as same as the value of pi;

I may not worry about all those,

To overcome the pain I left behind,

Which is now a deadly fire,

over the mind of anyone who is near,

BEACH was a total liar,

And I may not fly together,

Still ,I may not heal,

As the skins began to peel,

For the leech it was a fatty  meal,

Thinking now the beach  as a  friendly fire;

Came the friend I was in a desire,

She flew over the liar , 

And I became the friend of fire.