I looked at her ,she smiled!
Is that she tried to respond,
Or I was overwhelmed by her smile.

The berth next to me or my hand with a chocolate,∴
Every time I touch it, she smiled!
With all her heart out, what I felt .

I don’t know her name or even the village,
She tries her best to look at me and smile,
The best place to celebrate is always inside you,
I knew it from the inception of my heart beat,

This seems creepy and you will get to know about me,
How I make myself,
Locking the infinite sky, and saving myself from the burning sun,

Because just before the shadows fall ,
I trip myself to the serenity,
As this all are breathing in the hour of mankind,
Give me a reason to be by your side ,
To give  out of my best emotions on you,
So we can trip together towards serenity.

                     –ANISH THAKURTA