Heard about you last night,

With the pictures in your hand,

Beside the knife, battled.

Wave those arms and wait for the end,

As it falls for anything,

Feeling free and waking up,

To heal the wounds,

Much more than that, you survived,

Striking the shooting star,

every time you tried to shadow yourself,

Into the light of ambush,

Stretched out with cities of the future,

Going up with 100 memories,

Falling back with counting backwards,

Towards the negative infinity,

Seeking out every noise,

Into the desolation,

Twisted drama to integrate,

You left away making everyone higher. 



To the place I have always been,

Infectious and untrained,

The world seemed to be unpainted,

That too on a late or incomplete transmission.


Which begins with an incomplete innocence,

From drop to an ocean,

I love the way you are,

From truth to lie for the day.


You are great beyond all,

To look, who is writing for you,

And free all those people who relayed upon,

Just the way you did, uncompromised.


And being with you,

Everything is tranquil,

Like every wave reaches its shore,

Without having a harmony.


We too can create creativity,

And open those boxes of inception,

Still fall on those desolation of love,

To create an ambience.


Under the same roof of vengeance,

They stood in an exile,

Less important than to impress,

Scars of ignoring are now faded.


Again, from exile and fading scars,

Words are always unspoken,

Truth and justice for some reason,

Needs to get tangled.


Everything was senile,

Unless we treated each other unparalleled,

We knew this won’t be working,

As parallels never meet.


Then what?

Togetherness is a myth?

Hypocrisy for all feelings was true?

But now all needs to conceal,

And end up filling things just to chase for the moon,


Just to start-up again, be beyond the graves,

Let it be generous and talk turkey,

Believes of authority and compromises, we created

Are now shadowed!

All you needed from me was a mealy-mouthed.



contempt and sympathy always end up in disconnection

I was so disconnected,

So indifferent from rest of the world,

Needed it to resemble from the void,

That I can’t keep my eyes open.


She was always there to rectify me,

And a suspense of comfort level emerged,

So she was all in near me and all of her,

But discontinued to do so,

When she finds herself in middle of the war.


Again, it was a misunderstanding,

We had a mutual thinking and you knew it always,

Too then you never prompted,

Texting night long, remembering the day we first moved our lips,

You had a smile to overpower someone, without any guilt.


That I thought was very unrealistic for you,

Yet you try to show for now,

But I took it in a narrow way,

Creating a mess around homogeneous thoughts.


That was on the line,

Submerged into the holocaust of feelings,

Regretting of their own inducement,

Their cold feet have become a white lie now.



Hey, Hey

I was running out of time,

While, nobody is listening,

Those shoes under the stairs,

Polaroid and decoded,

As all our ends, fainted,

Do something, speak for me,

Before the gravity falls,

Those old yellow bricks,

Under the undressed tree,

Rooted down,

That you wouldn’t want to see.




Perfect Moment
You were amazing,I had the time of my life with you ∏

Tremors and remorse all that was witnessed,

Some had a bulk or had a sullen face,

                                             With great divide and green grass,

Stairs and escalators with indistinct nightmares;

Some didn’t climb but some were ardent,

With the bicycle running down the ramp,

There’s no break of their heart,

It pumped and bumped making no noise,

Some didn’t hear or some did felt it;


That was all I witnessed with a girl next to me,

She felt the same to accompany me,

Inside the same cabin of death,

we drilled our self to hear the schizophrenic sound,

Of indistinct vitality air from the notes of the last chapter.



 That was all you would know,

With the passing of your life,

On a hyper-lapse of memory,

It’s obscurity till you occupy it,

To erase the time of innocence.

From winter to fall,

Till crunching of Brown leaves,

On a ground full of yellow wood.

Other’s being senile of insanity,

You are there with that voice,

For preoccuping the incoherent darkness.



I looked at her ,she smiled!
Is that she tried to respond,
Or I was overwhelmed by her smile.

The berth next to me or my hand with a chocolate,∴
Every time I touch it, she smiled!
With all her heart out, what I felt .

I don’t know her name or even the village,
She tries her best to look at me and smile,
The best place to celebrate is always inside you,
I knew it from the inception of my heart beat,

This seems creepy and you will get to know about me,
How I make myself,
Locking the infinite sky, and saving myself from the burning sun,

Because just before the shadows fall ,
I trip myself to the serenity,
As this all are breathing in the hour of mankind,
Give me a reason to be by your side ,
To give  out of my best emotions on you,
So we can trip together towards serenity.

                     –ANISH THAKURTA




What are you afraid of?

The man with a broom sweeping the corridor?

Or the guy with a black bag on his one-sided shoulder?

Or even the lady near the corner straight?


What are you afraid of?

To swipe down all the memories in one scroll!

Or the dummies you played during your childhood!

Or the money you plunk down through the broker!



What are you afraid of?

To lean down the terrace railing?

Or the stairs which round-off at the end?

Or the ending of a suspense movie?


Contentment is the seventh heaven!

Depression too come along the way:

Of prosperity, holding hands in desolation;

Craving for the fear of losing!

So why not to get afraid of all this?


If ever this are the reasons to go?

Cause we don’t get to do the stupid shits others do,

Let not the fear win over you?

They just get outflanked in a single go?

SO, what are you afraid of now?



If and only there were reasons to destroy the promises,

I would not heal back for any comfort ,

There have been consequences for regret ,and now I am here.

If your feelings  are so concentrated ,how can you dilute the love towards me,


between those symphony, the diaries wrote many words that seemed crippled,

Against the feelings of compassion and dignity,

True memories never die ,someone said perfectly,

And revenge is the best emotion a person can have,


Through all the days we got perfect but something needs to fix up,

Something was missing and something was more,


Black clouds and nights dream that one needs ,

But I was waiting for the nightmares,

So could resize all the memories need to move on,


They have been taking too much ,

All there lives and so what they need to go for that,

If ever if is necessary to make all yours,

And leave all rest behind oblivion,


Oblivion’s curse is great enough to be respected,

So that she could not remembers all the feelings she had for me,

Be patient,

Be fragile ,

Towards any materialistic thing of this world ,

They are one way lane ,only a single can move ,


This all lines may be creepy to hear,

But the soul inside me has always needed someone to support,

As your feelings are so concentrated ,that’s the last reason ,

How can you love me with your heart-felt out..?


                                                 ~ANISH THAKURTA