You were  the one who was   still standing  there ;

With my eyes gazed wide open through the horizon;

I still can see you through my window wide open;

Until you decide to disappear from my vision;

My heart didn’t wanted it to happen ;

Through all the circumstances you go ;

With my hands still holding that last cup of coffee;

I knew my kindness will get destroyed ;

Without living with your comfort;

Know I still  talk about you without your knowing;

That you get to know from the red cabin,

Telephone red;

Your friends are too anxious about you;

Still you don’t give a hard glance on me;

This would be the better gauze for all this;

Your blue eyes make me tempted against myself;

I didn’t wanted to write all this;

But wanted all my enthusiasm against to kill a honey bee

Who still wants to drink the old pine juice;

And the strangers waiting down with their jar empty;

Singing the old karaoke with Irish  theme  song ;

It makes them late for the work ;

The sun tearing through the wild clouds of desolation;

And I don’t wanna ask them to stay and give me satisfaction;

As I would be too selfish to make a call from the red telephone;

She would be waiting for my call and I would busy collecting syrup,

Falling from the height to a wolves cry!





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