IMAG0469All the light which were turned off ,
Is now glowing again,
Still faint but its okay, for me!
Never knew the water would flow ,
Slithering through a narrow blow,
I tried to collect it ,with my hands and heart open,
My hands shivered with the cold wind,and the heart-broken,
Or even without any more good reason,
What would be result of all this.
The moonlight through the window near me,
From which every darkness seems to be  trimmed off me,
And the second chance of the relationship,
Was the leftover biscuit after a voyage,
No one paid any attention to all this,
A new or I knew you would be high enough ,with the mixed drinks you had with me,
And now you drink to forget me,
You were the reason I saw the world with my closed eyes,
Even now I see you in that old pub,
And the seats at the corner of room,
Makes me feel to close my eyes,
So that I don’t get all this bad feeling for you,
Even if you are not with me.
Now I am high so could I be ,
To write all this to me and keep it in that great pool of oblivion.
So is that a curse or a boon for me?



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